iHawk Network

Smart Technologies for Smarter Airports. Enjoy uninterrupted network coverage
in Australia with iHawk. It is time to invest in state-of-the-art radio networks.

The iHawk network.
Smart Technologies
for Smarter Airports

The iHawk Network, supported by AeroTalk brings you the most innovative solution for safe, on-time and connected communications out and about the airports. Being the pioneers in technology and communication solution, we understand the importance of uninterrupted network coverage. Our network has been successfully adopted and implemented at all major Australian airports, including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and continues to expand rapidly.

Safe, secure, on-time and
connected airport communications

Latest technology
powered by Motorola

Exceptional coverage with
clear communications

Innovative digital portable
radio coverage

Access to customer
support 24/7

Safe, secure and
encrypted Network

Supported by

Airport Network Solutions

Smart Technologies for
Smarter Airports

Smarter workspaces need efficient and effective communication solutions. Invest in state-of-the-art radio networks with iHawk. Say no to signal breakups, interference, and loss of coverage. Your business can rely on Merricom for our aviation network to support all your communication needs. Over the years, we have evolved into a trusted communication partner for most major airlines, airports and ground handling operators across Australia. From product and service supply to installation and maintenance, we are a full-service provider for the aviation communication industry.

Future Friendly Technology

The iHawk network is a future-friendly technology for the aviation industry. We are backed and supported by Aerotalk, who are the pioneers in technology and communication solutions themselves. Founded by the visionary and industry veteran Michael Gesovski, Aerotalk is one of the leading and most dynamic full-service aviation communication solutions in Australia. Aerotalk offers a wide network coverage that is now available Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, and Launceston.

Our Network Coverage

Backed by Aerotalk, iHawk is the most reliable communication partner with the wide network coverage. Our repeater base stations are located all around Australia to ensure seamless communication through all channels. When it comes to network coverage, we offer consistency, no matter what terrain, foliage, technical capacity, or weather conditions it may be. We guarantee efficiency in service availability and an improved experience. Click here to view our network coverage on the map.

Why Choose the IHawk Network


We have you covered! Our Network uses Motorola’s latest technologies to provide excellent communication quality to airport teams around the country

One on One Attention

We believe in the power of personalised service. We’ll work with you to identify and support the unique and specific needs of your business.


Budget matters, and we know it. We’re committed to providing excellent service for excellent value. No matter the size of your fleet, we offer lease agreements to suit your financial needs.

Expert support

Our support team is dedicated and available. We have fantastic support staff working 24/7 to answer questions, resolve problems, and offer expert advice.


Our founding partner, Aerotalk, is the best in the business. We take great pride in being supported by a communications industry leader. Our technologies are respected, effective, and expert-supported.

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    The iHawk Network, brings you the most innovative solution for safe, on-time and connected communications out and about the airports.